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A Simple Strategy for Social Media Content

Do you have trouble coming up with content ideas to post to your social media profiles? I use this simple social media content strategy to come up with content ideas and then turn each idea into at least three distinct pieces of content.

But it doesn’t have to be just for social media. This same strategy works to develop blog content on your website as well.

Developing Content for Social Media

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As organic reach on social media plummets (see here, here, and here), it’s more important than ever to create engaging content for your brand. This strategy helps you turn what you are already doing for your business and turn it into three different opportunities to create content.

The strategy simple: for each activity you do, create content around what you will do, what you’re doing, and what you did. This could be something elaborate or something run of the mill, but by turning your one activity into three different content ideas, you’ll be able to reach more potential customers on social media.

What You Will Do

Create content hyping up an upcoming project or event. You can use this content to build anticipation for an upcoming event open to the public. Or, you can use this content to highlight a new major client you will do work with. If your business is seasonal, content about preparing for the start of the season would also fit into this category.

What You’re Doing

This is the kind of content that you likely are already producing. This is content about the big event itself. Or, photos of the new roof installed. This content

What You Did

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Follow up the what you’re doing content with what you did. In these wrap-up posts, thank anyone who helped the project be a success. You can give a shout out to a stellar employee or vendor you used, too. This content will remind your followers what you did and give another chance for the feed algorithm to show your content to them.

How Will You Use This Social Media Content Strategy?

How will you use this strategy to create content for your business or brand? Do you already use something like this to triple your social media content ideas?

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