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SEO Services for Small Businesses

local seo services for small businesses

Did you know that 97% of consumers go online in search of local services? That’s a huge number of potential customers and clients. You might be wondering how to draw their attention to your local service. Well, the answer is search engine optimization (SEO). By using SEO services for small businesses you can make sure customers find you.

How do SEO services help small businesses?

SEO Small Businesses

SEO is the best way to drive consistent traffic regardless of the type of website. Small business owners often face the challenge of losing business to their competitors. By properly optimizing your website for search engines, your business will be more visible for your services in your area. Among various Search Engine Optimization techniques, Local SEO is the most important for businesses with local customers.

A Local SEO company can help you out as they work with lots of businesses like yours daily. Companies that specialize in Local SEO know what needs to be done to outrank your competitors. SEO is the process of increasing leads and sales at a lower cost.

Let’s hold on to the process of how SEO companies work in particular while we talk about the benefits of SEO services for small businesses:

Increase visibility

The online market is the most powerful medium for generating potential leads. Your website plays a vital role in the game. But, it is useless if no one sees it. If your website doesn’t appear at the top of search results you are missing out. A staggering 55% of Google searchers don’t click past the first three results. And if your site is listed on Page 2 of Google, forget about it.

With the help of Local SEO techniques, you will be able to rank your website on the first page of Google for your target keywords. It also helps you in finding the right customers without the need for cold reach outs.

Generate leads with SEO

Among all other benefits of SEO for small businesses, lead generation is the most important. Let’s face it, you have a website to increase your customer base. Why else would you invest money in online marketing? Businesses with an SEO optimized website can bring you more customers and grow twice as fast as businesses that do not.

Therefore, SEO is the most efficient and affordable online marketing strategy that exists today. You are getting rid of convincing, cold marketing, and lots of other things as people who genuinely need your service are coming to you. This is what targeted traffic is all about. With proper SEO, you will eventually bring more customers than any other marketing tactic ever.

Increase brand awareness through SEO

You cannot deny the fact that SEO increases your brand awareness. Let’s take an example of two different businesses. The first one has an SEO optimized website ranked #1 on Google while the other one didn’t invest in SEO and is ranked at the bottom of local Google results. If they both are plumbing experts, which plumbing company will you choose? Definitely the first one!

It is relatively easier for local businesses to build brand awareness compared to national or regional businesses through the help of SEO. Yet, the priority for a great impression remains on top. So, you can’t ignore this step and start gaining top rankings for the keywords related to your business.

Making a website user-friendly

Yes, that’s what SEO does. It helps you create a faster, better-looking, smoother website. The entire point of on-page optimization comes to creating a website that people like. Although some might have a different understanding of SEO, you can’t argue with the fact that SEO is also about improving your user experience too.

A clean, well-structured website attracts customers. Visitors stay longer, therefore the bounce rate decreases. Similarly, relevant content keeps your readers engaged as they look for answers to their questions. If you have done your on-page SEO properly, you have a green signal on the website optimization part. It also makes Google happy.

Strategies to make your SEO campaign more effective

local seo for businesses

Let’s give you another piece of information. 70% of users click on organic results rather than paid results. Isn’t that something? I think it is what motivates me to focus on SEO strategies that can help local businesses generate leads. I want to share some strategies that will catapult your small business website on the top of Google.

Optimize your metadata with keywords

Your site’s metadata is an important part of optimizing your site that many business owners who created their own website overlook. For example, you should write a clear description of your site that includes your actionable keywords in the page’s meta description. The meta description that shows up on Google is a sentence that attracts people to browse your website. So write a compelling description.

Also, do thorough research about the metadata on your competitors. Analyze what type of words they use. Google uses crawlers to scan your website’s content. These crawlers use the metadata to index it and later rank the page. Studying the metadata of pages that rank higher than yours can give you clues about what works.

Be careful about picking the right keywords

Now here are two things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you must choose profitable keywords. Just think, the term “how is coffee made” has no money value as people searching for it will never purchase any service or product. They are just looking for information. On the other hand, “best coffee shop in Wilmington” indicates that the user is genuinely looking for a coffee shop. You can choose informative keywords, but the target point of your online marketing campaign should be the buyer intent ones.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you should pick the long-tail keywords-phrases that have 4 or more words. These phrases are easier to rank if properly optimized with the content and metadata.

Make the best out of Google My Business

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Google My Business is an important part of Local SEO because not only it gives you a boost in your rankings, but also you can drive customers directly from there. It is very important to optimize your Google My Business with all the necessary keywords and listings. Add all the information that will help you get verified.

Make sure you put your business information, opening hours, quotation requests properly. Google likes crystal-clear information as the power of backlinks is lessening day by day. All you have is the content of your website and your GMB profile. As a local business owner, you shouldn’t ignore optimizing your GMB profile as it helps you get visible on the map results.


SEO is a tricky process. There is no easy or hard thing in SEO as it is relative to the business, location, and plenty of other things. Being consistent is the key. SEO Services for Small Businesses require working constantly and updating the website and its information if needed. It is your responsibility to breathe new life into your small business.

If you are looking for a Local SEO Company, check out Always Relevant Digital’s Local Rank Package for a Local SEO package perfect for small businesses. Also, consider our friends at Infodraft Solutions.

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