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Capital letters

I have something to confess. The rules of capitalization confuse me. Like, I know that the word ‘I’ should always be capitalized, but does the letter ‘i’? The beginning letter of sentences need to be in uppercase, but what about the start of a quote inside the sentence?

The most byzantine (or is it Byzantine?) capitalization rules concern titles. Articles, Books, Movies, all get special capital letters for some of their words. This isn’t so tricky when I’m writing about someone else’s book or article. I can just google (Merriam-Webster says ‘google’ as a verb shouldn’t be capitalized, while Chicago style disagrees) their titles and copy the most authoritative source.

But what about my own writing? I’m cast adrift in a sea of confusing rules. And there are multiple sets of rules. AP, MLA, & Chicago style all have their own contradictory rules for when and when not to capitalize a letter. They all agree that nouns and adjectives should be capitalized but that short prepositions and articles should not. But when it comes to the finer points, things go awry. Chicago wants you to leave all prepositions in lowercase, AP says all 3-letter words should be lowercase unless they are verbs.

Who has the time to diagram a sentence just to figure it all out?

That’s where Title Capitalization Tool comes to my rescue. This little tool, located at, figures it all out for me. I like this tool over others (several websites have sprung up to fill this need) because as soon as I paste my title into its little box, the digital grammarians (or however it’s done) spits out the correctly capitalized capital and I can go on about my day. With a simple string of ctrl+c, ctrl+tab, ctrl+v, ctrl+a, ctrl+c, alt+tab, ctrl+v, I’ve got my title or subheading correctly capitalized and I can go on to fix the next one.

And that’s not all!

Not only can Title Capitalization Tool fix your titles, but it can also correctly capitalize your sentences. Ever get handed a document written in all caps and you need it to look like a sane person wrote it? You can paste that copy into the tool, select sentence case, and presto! out comes something you can use. This works great when working with older CRMs or databases that had customer data entered with capital letters. There’s even an option to capitalize the first letter of every word in your text if, for some reason, you have need of that.

So go ahead and give my Title Capitalization Tool a try. Let me know you end up using it multiple times a day like I do.

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