Local SEO for business

Do Local Businesses Need SEO?

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It’s a fact of life that we ask our phones every question that pops into our heads. What’s tomorrow’s weather? When was the Battle of Waterloo? Is a hot dog a sandwich?

We also ask our phones where to buy things, who has the best deal, and who provides needed services? A recent study found that nearly everyone uses the Internet to shop, even if they are still walking into a store to buy the actual product.

  • 97% of consumers now use online media when researching products or services in their local area
  • 78% of local-based searches on a mobile device end in purchases being made offline
  • 71% of people surveyed said they search for the location of a business to confirm key facts about it before a first-time visit

Harness the Power of Search to Attract Customers

By optimizing your web presence, your services and products will receive the attention of local consumers.

seo for local lawn care

How SEO helps Lawn Care Companies

With the barriers to starting a lawn care company being low, it’s a must that your business stands out in a crowd. A fully fleshed out Google My Business listing will distinguish you from the pack. Potential customers will see reviews from your other satisfied local clients and have confidence that your business will be the best for their yard.

How SEO helps Plumbers

When someone has a plumbing emergency, they need help fast! The first result on their phone might be the only business they consider. Local SEO can help your plumbing business be the first result a potential customer sees. It allows them call and schedule an appointment quick and easy.

lawyer book case with law books

How SEO helps Lawyers

When people search for legal help, they need a nearby law expert. Local search engine optimization places your listing, with a call us button at the top of the search. This lessens the barrier for potential customers to reach you. 

How SEO helps Screen Printers

So you have a successful local screen printing shop, but you’d like to scale your business and start making and selling more products outside your local area. SEO is a powerful tool to expand your reach beyond word of mouth. Since you’re competing against Teespring and other large online brands, it’ll be important to use SEO to differentiate your business. Broad keywords like screen printing or custom t-shirt might be hard for your screen printing shop to rank for. This is where highlighting your unique brand and capabilities can help. Lean into what makes you unique and different.

How Is Your Business’s Online Reach?

Could it be improved? If you’d like to discuss ways we can increase your business’s online reach leave us a note on our contact page and we’ll craft a plan and custom quote to meet your needs!

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