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Get Your Business on Google Maps in 3 Quick Steps

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If you’re a local business, you need to be on Google Maps. Customers are searching every day for your products and services, and perhaps even your business. By not having a business listing on Google Maps, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach all of those searchers. And the best part is that getting your business on Google Maps is absolutely free! Keep reading to see the three easy steps to list your business on Google Maps.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business has revolutionized the way that local businesses promote themselves with its innovative features. In addition to showing your business address and contact information, Google My Business lets you add pictures of products or services, testimonials from happy customers, and even create a free website for your business!

Can I Get My Business on Google Maps If I Don’t Have a Physical Location?

Yes! Your business can be on Google Maps even if you don’t have a physical location that customers visit. So if you have a home service company, food truck, or pest control business, for example, you can still be listed on Google Maps and get that sweet organic traffic to your site. If you don’t have a physical location, you’ll still need an address for your business, but won’t have to list it on Google Maps.

How to Get Your Business on Google Maps

Here are the three steps to get your business listed on Google Maps.

1. See If You’re Already Listed

  • Log into your Google Account and go to Google Maps.
  • Search for your business. If you can’t find it, head to the next step
  • If your find your business on Google Maps, click on the listing and click Claim this business.

2. If You’re Not on Google Maps, Create a Listing

  • If you’ve looked and your business is not on Google Maps yet, search for your business’s address.
  • Click Add your business on the address listing.
  • Fill out your business listing.
    • Use your official business name.
    • For the category section, pick a category that best describes your business. You’ll be able to add more categories later. For instance, a general practice lawyer could pick the lawyer category now and later add divorce lawyer and family law attorney.
    • If you are a service area business, pick what communities you serve.

3. Verify Your Google My Business listing

  • Google will then let you verify either through a mailed postcard or through your phone number.
    • If you’re given the option to verify through phone number, take it. Phone verification is much quicker and your business will get on Google Maps much quicker.
    • If you have to verify your business listing through mail, Google will send a postcard to your address. They usually take a week or two to get there. Once you get the postcard, follow the directions on the postcard to verify your Google My Business listing.

Your local business is now on Google Maps!

Now That You’re on Google Maps, Use It to Its Fullest

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Your business is now on Google Maps, ready to help customers and clients find you! To use your Google My Business listing to it’s fullest, navigate to and fully fill out your listing.

You’ll want to add a short description about your company, photos of the outside and inside of your business, and product listing. Think about what kind of information will help potential customers chose you over your competitors.

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