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4 Ways to Keep Morale High When Your Team Is Working From Home

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Working from home can be isolating, especially when you’re used to going into the office. Keeping morale high and your team in good spirits can be difficult when all or most of your interaction has to take place through screens. Whether your team is 100% remote, has some members work from home occasionally, or forced to implement a work from home strategy due to a pandemic, it is important to keep office cohesiveness and teamwork. The following are some great ideas I’ve used to keep my team connected even while we are remote working from home.

Virtual House Tours

Think MTV Cribs. Everyone likes to show off something, and this lets your team know a little more about its members by showing their style. You can either do it ‘live’ over video conferencing software like Zoom or have people film it before hand and upload it to your office’s cloud platform.

Work from Home Office Share

This is like the virtual house tour, but you’re just showing off your office. Share photos of where everyone is getting their work done. Is someone set up on a covered porch? How many people are at the dining room table? Is anyone brave to admit that they never get out of bed? This is actually a lot of fun. People tend to love showing off their home office space.

Share your Pets

One of the benefits of working from home is that we don’t have to leave our pets in the morning. Have your team share photos of their pets in a special Slack channel set up just for that reason.

Virtual Coffee Break

This is one of my favorites that not only helps your team stay in contact, but lets everyone get to know one another just a bit more. You can set a time every day, or a set time a few days a week, for everyone to join a video conference. This meeting has no agenda and is very low stakes. You can chat about whatever you’d like, work related or not. I find this really helps already connected teams stay connected during times when they are apart.

Do you have any other ideas?

Do you have any other ideas? Leave them in the comments below. If your team is knew to remote work, using this ideas will help keep everyone’s spirit high and working together as well as when they could meet in person.

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