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Redesigned Nonprofit Website

The Richmond Art Museum is the premier visual art collection and art education center of East Central Indiana.

The museum hosts multiple art exhibitions, cultural events, and dozens of art classes every year. Having a useful website that clearly advertises their events and classes was paramount.

The previous website suffered from not being maintained in several years; the backend of the website was outdated and could not be updated without breaking the entire site.

Beyond this, it was time consuming for the museum staff to update the website with new exhibitions, events, and classes. They also wanted an ecommerce solution to sell artwork from various artists directly from the website.

Key Issues

  • Difficult to navigate due to many pages not linked together in a consistent manner
  • Important information was not easily accessible
  • It was difficult to see all of the art classes available
  • The website was not mobile responsive
  • Difficult for staff to add collection images.

Our Approach

To create the new Richmond Art Museum, we focused on what was important for museum patrons. The front page of the site includes important information about current and upcoming events and art exhibitions. Links to make a donation, become a member, and see the schedule of art classes were placed in prominent locations to help users find important pages.

The museum had always hosted digital images of its collection. By placing a selection from the collection on the front page, we were able to draw attention to the collection, leading more visitors to browse the collection.

When redesigning the website, we followed the best SEO practices. The previous site lacked page meta descriptions leading most pages to return usefulness information in search results. We wrote clear meta descriptions for each page, resulting in a higher clickthrough rate from Google.

Ecommerce Solution

We designed an ecommerce virtual marketplace using WooCommerce. This allowed the museum to start selling artwork from artists online. We worked with museum staff to create a workflow to gather information from artists, create the product listing, and handle fulfillment.

The virtual marketplace also let the museum sell tickets for events. This was necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic, but museum staff found selling virtual tickets lessened their workload and adopted the system for all of their events.

Our team worked closely with museum staff to make sure they understood how the system worked and fully trained staff. We made adjustments based on their feedback to get the best-working solution for the museum.

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