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Growing a Blog with SEO

Ish Mom is two-year-old lifestyle blog. Although it had over 150 blog posts and strong engagement on social media, it had low organic search traffic.

Because it acquired traffic primarily from social media (Facebook and Pinterest), traffic spiked with the release o new content and then quickly faded. The site is monetized through advertisements so relied on traffic to drive revenue, so developing a consistent stream of traffic that did not rely on publishing new articles was an important goal to increase revenue.

Ish Mom’s reliance on social media to drive traffic meant that old content was rarely read. It had to continuously publish new content to maintain revenue levels.


Key Issues

  • Low organic search traffic
  • Reliance on social media favored recently published content
  • Revenue was tied to creation of new, viral content that would fare well on social media

Our Approach

After analyzing the articles and site structure of Ish Mom, we saw the potential to increase organic search rankings. Organic search traffic provides a steady stream of revenue-generating traffic for blogs that doesn’t rely on constant promotion on social media. To achieve Ish Mom’s vision of success we customized a 6-month campaign.

The core strategy leveraged:

  • Fully employing keyword research to identify and target keywords for past and future articles
  • Optimizing the website and content structure to improve the keyword rankings
  • Developing and implementing an outreach campaign to get more high authority and traffic driving links

Stunning Gains for Traffic and Revenue

By focusing on organic search traffic by employing modern SEO techniques, Ish Mom’s average monthly revenue increased by 400%.

The site is no longer solely reliant on publishing popular articles on social media. Organic traffic from search engines now accounts for over half of Ish Mom traffic.

The backlink campaign has increased the site’s authority score, making new articles rank faster and higher. Further, the keyword research we preformed will help guide the creation of future articles into topics and niches that will be profitable.

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  • Client:

    Ish Mom

  • Solutions:

    Content Marketing, SEO

  • Results:

    8,000% increase in organic traffic

    263% growth in keywords ranked

    400% increase in advertising revenue

  • Website: